Vijay Sethupathi is my first choice to play the lead role in ‘Dharma Durai 2: RK Suresh | Tamil movie news

RK Suresh, one of the producers turned actors of Tamil cinema, has an interesting range of films. RK Suresh recently hinted at following his hit production “Dharma Durai”, which was performed by Seenu Ramasamy. However, the director mentioned that he is not directing “Dharma Durai 2” and wished RK Suresh the sequel via one of his SM messages. So, Etimes reached out to RK Suresh to learn more about ‘Dharma Durai 2’, and he clarified his plans for the sequel in an exclusive chat.

Revealing the plan, RK Suresh says, “I decided to do ‘Dharma Durai 2’ as a producer, and we haven’t even started the first stage of the project. We just had a discussion within our production team and decided to do a sequel to ‘Dharma Durai’. ”

Asked about the director of the sequel, the actor said he would approach Seenu Ramasamy soon. “We will approach Seenu Ramasamy as the director of the sequel and discuss the dates with him. However, if things don’t fall into place, it may be due to his previous engagement or some other reason, only then will we move on. to another director. In the meantime, I’ve also heard stories from a few other directors, ”Suresh adds.

Ask the actor and producer who will star in the sequel, RK Suresh discloses, “Vijay Sethupathi is my first choice for the lead role. If he also declines the offer due to his busy schedule, I am ready to play the main role because I also make good films as an actor. ”

However, ‘Dharma Durai 2’ is one and we may hear the official announcement soon.


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