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BAADR aims to reduce food waste, carbon emissions and the consumption of single-use items

Published: Mon 24 Jan 2022, 05:24 PM

Abu Dhabi has introduced a unique new mobile app that will reward residents and citizens for making sustainable lifestyle choices, such as reusing consumer products to reduce waste, switching to organic food or consuming vegetarian meals .

The Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi (EAD) on Monday launched BAADR in partnership with Borouge to help protect the environment in the capital.

BAADR is a free app designed to change the environmental behaviors of adults and youth in Abu Dhabi and put them at the forefront of positive change, authorities say.

Available for free download from the Apple Play Store and later available on Android, BAADR is the first app in the UAE to offer environmental action incentives with over 20 tasks to choose from. It will aim to reduce carbon emissions, food waste and the consumption of single-use items, save energy and encourage people to reuse and recycle their products.

BAADR, which means “initiate” in Arabic, is the latest program launched by the Sustainable Campus Initiative and strengthens the long-standing partnership between EAD and Borouge as part of their vision of building a sustainable environment for a sustainable future.

In addition to promoting sustainability and increasing environmental awareness, BAADR will also help change people’s behaviors in their daily lives and inspire young people, putting them at the forefront of supporting willpower. government to create a greener city that will benefit residents and citizens.

It will allow people to lead healthier lives, explore new ways to save money like double-sided printing and grow your own vegetables and fruits, as well as support the economy by buying locally .

Earn points through the app

Through the simple-to-use app, users can earn points by completing a wide range of tasks based on BAADR’s seven different environmental themes: Reuse, Change, Develop, Initiate, Retain, Join, and Move.

Some of the tasks users can do include switching to organic food or eating vegetarian meals for a day and finding different ways to reduce the amount of water and electricity they use.

People can also attend workshops or events to improve their environmental knowledge while BAADR will help encourage people to live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle by walking or cycling to their destinations. Besides using their own mugs, cups and containers when ordering in cafes or restaurants, people can also get involved and organize cleanups in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Points, which will vary depending on each task, will be awarded to users who upload a photo of their completed action to the app using their smartphone. People can then visit any of the nine participating suppliers in Abu Dhabi that have partnered with EAD to redeem their points.

BAADR app to promote environmental awareness

The app will also be instrumental in raising awareness of the importance of the environment for the younger generation.

As part of its association with EAD’s local school and university programs which strategically partner with ADEK and the Ministry of Education, EAD will aim to encourage young people from Sustainable Campus initiative to use the app through engaging and informative social media posts, as well as working alongside the Federal Youth Authority.

Khansa Al Blouki, Director of Environmental Awareness at the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, said: “As individuals, we all have a responsibility to ensure that we protect the environment and preserve our planet for ourselves, our children and future generations.

“We sometimes don’t realize how much our consumption creates an impact on our environment, but with more importance than ever for the environment, we strongly believe that BAADR can be a catalyst to drive positive change in Abu Dhabi in this concerning the care of our environment.


“Together, if we all engage with the app daily and encourage people to use BAADR often, we can dramatically change the way we live and be more mindful of our consumption and behavior – all of which can help create a future best in Abu Dhabi.

Maitha Al Marashi, Vice President of Sustainability at Borouge, said: “The new app is very important to encourage a change in lifestyle, adopting the best sustainable practices of reusing consumer products to reduce waste and reduce carbon emissions.

BAADR users can expect to enjoy a wide range of rewards at popular destinations and establishments that adopt environmentally responsible practices to reduce their impact on the planet.


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