Top 3 Questions – Healthy Lifestyle Choices


Hello and welcome to today’s top 3. My name is Michael Kidd, I am Deputy Chief Medical Officer in the Australian Government Department of Health. And today we’re going to talk about healthy lifestyle choices. We get a lot of questions about how to be healthy, how to make the right choices to support your health and wellbeing. So, let’s look at some of your questions.

First, while many chronic diseases are preventable, what can I do to avoid getting sick? So it’s true that many chronic diseases can be prevented, or you can minimize their severity. And that includes conditions like heart disease, leading to heart attacks or strokes. It can be lung disease, what we call type II diabetes, and a number of different cancers. All of these conditions can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle, or if you develop these conditions, a healthy lifestyle can help keep them from getting worse and keep you from getting seriously ill. So what can you do to avoid developing these conditions? Well, there are plenty of things you can do as part of your daily routine. Eat a healthy diet, make sure you are in control of your weight, be physically active, do not smoke or quit smoking if you are a smoker, do not drink or drink a moderate amount of alcohol every day, drink a lot, sleep, take care your mental health and well-being. These are all important elements in preventing the development of serious or significant chronic health conditions.

The second question is, being healthy was my big goal for this year, but I don’t know where to start. What are the first steps I should take to improve my health? Well, the first step is to set yourself a goal. What do you want to accomplish to feel healthy, to be healthier, in the weeks, months and years to come? And, regardless of your health, there is more everyone can do to improve their health and reduce the risk of becoming seriously ill. So the first thing to do is quit smoking or not start smoking. Quitting smoking is extremely important. As we know, tobacco smoking is a significant risk factor for heart disease, lung disease, and a number of cancers. The second concerns your diet. Make sure you have a healthy diet. Lots of fresh foods, avoiding lots of processed foods, and watching what you eat, making sure your diet is balanced. The third is physical activity, and doing physical activity every day, even if it’s just going for a walk. Increasing the amount of physical activity you do each day will help you feel much better. It will also help you develop your lungs and heart function, as well as build your body strength and prevent you from becoming overweight or obese or help you meet the challenges of being overweight or obese if you are. have. The fourth is about alcohol, and whether you don’t drink alcohol or do drink it, make sure you only drink a safe amount each day. And that’s no more than four standard drinks a day, no more than ten standard drinks a week. The fifth concerns sleep. It sounds very simple, but many people don’t get enough or good quality sleep. So do everything you can to make sure you get that all-important rest at the end of the day, so that you wake up the next day energized and ready to get out there and do the things you need to do. And the sixth is to take care of your mental health and well-being. And we know that over the past two years of the pandemic, many people have suffered from anxiety, depression, and other impacts on their mental and emotional health and well-being. So do whatever you can to improve your mental health and well-being, do things you love with people you love to be with, with loved ones, friends, family and others. So there are six things you can do to improve your health and well-being and improve the way you feel every day.

The last question is, “If I had to do one thing to improve my health, what would it be?” Well, as a GP, I’m not going to give you one thing to do, because these six things, about smoking, diet, exercise, alcohol, sleep, mental health and well-being, are all important But the one I want to focus on today Today is about being physically active, getting up and getting out and going for a walk or doing whatever physical activity you like to do, and trying to do more and more of it. be motivated to become physically active, but the more you do, the more motivated you will be and the better you will feel to do the activity. to the store instead of driving, walking with your dog or with family members or friends, physical activity that is a very important part of having a healthy lifestyle. a good place to start.

So that’s our top 3 for today. I wish you all the best in achieving your goals of having a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


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