The ideal world of the NRA


Fire arms. David McNew/Getty Images

You may not have realized it, but our country is becoming safer every day. How is it possible ? you might ask. Didn’t the murder rate jump 30% in 2020, and violent crime increase almost everywhere? Isn’t there, on average, more than one mass shooting of four or more people every day — including a crazed shooter’s barrage of 33 shots on a New York City subway this week? Yes, it’s true, but look on the bright side: the sale of lethal weapons is exploding at a record rate for years, with nearly 40 million firearms sold in 2020 and 2021. Better still, in 25 states you can now legally buy and carry a firearm without a license, test or training. For decades, the National Rifle Association and Second Amendment absolutists have assured us that the more guns there are in our communities, the safer and “more polite” they are, lol! – we all will be. With nearly 400 million guns now in American hands, surely we must be the safest nation in the world.

Actually no. All of these weapons have transformed our streets, schools and homes into a 21st century version of the Wild West, with tens of thousands of casualties. New Mass shootings erupted last weekend, killing eight and injuring 60, including a shooting at a car show in Arkansas that injured 27, including six children. Road rage shootings have become a daily occurrence. When people feel disrespected on the road, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said, “Now instead of raising their finger, they pull out the gun and shoot.” In NRA dogma, the best response to this endless carnage is to arm up and prepare to fight back. So when a “bad guy” sprays bullets in a bar, theater, school, workplace, or crowded subway, the “good guys” can pull out their guns and fight back, while the unarmed duck under the chairs. Doesn’t this sight fill you with a warm sense of security?

This is the letter from the editor in the current problem of The week magazine.

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