The first choice of dietary supplements for modern people


This time, it became the member unit of the China Healthcare Association, which shows the great recognition of the whole industry of the new subordinate health care, nutrition and health consumer brands. at Zhejiang Gongzhan Technology Co., Ltd, including YPEPRO and T97.

Founded in 2018, with science as the source, YPEPRO selects high-quality global supply chains and aims to create the internationally advanced beauty makeup experience of technological oral administration, as well as multiple products, such as solid probiotic drinks with viable organism and nutritional supplements. .

In recent years, the dietary supplement market has won the best time for development, and domestic and foreign capital and brands are seizing market share. Recently, YPEPRO, a new Chinese health and wellness brand, quickly entered the health preservation circle with its functional dietary supplement – Cynarae Scol. Sicc Tunera Diffusa Tablets, which garnered a lot of attention from the capital and industry.

Different from traditional kidney or liver supplement products on the market, YPEPRO Cynarae Scol. Sicc Tunera Diffusa tablets, emphasizing the concept of “co-conditioning of the liver and kidneys”, inherit and develop the traditional Chinese culture of medicine and food homology, and combine the principle of traditional Chinese medicine of ” monarch, minister, assistant and envoy ”and the Western Medicine Formula System, to provide a green, safe and effective solution for modern people, breathing new life into the functional dietary supplement market. The main components of YPEPRO Cynarae Scol. Sicc Tunera Diffusa tablets mainly contain cynarea scol., Tunera diffusa, ginseng, saffron crocus, small molecule activated sea cucumber polypeptide, red polygonatum sibiricum, paullinia cupana extract and plant ingredients. valuable from many countries.

Cynarae scol., Also known as artichoke, has high nutritional value and is recommended by the American Cancer Society as a healthy vegetable, with the title “king of vegetables”. Benefiting from its exceptional performance in terms of nutrition of the liver and the gallbladder, it is also called “divine nourishing matter of the liver”. Tunera diffusa is popular in Europe and United States for centuries as a “key to sweet love”. According to the first records of Spanish missionaries, Indians also took it as a medicine to strengthen husband-wife affection due to its effect of toning kidney Qi.

Since its establishment, YPEPRO has maintained strategic cooperation with leading R&D institutions and factories, to ensure the advanced advantages of its products. After 78 ingredient tests and tens of thousands of experimental research, YPEPRO Cynarae Scol. Sicc Tunera Diffusa tablets were eventually developed by many famous doctors and experts in domestic and foreign medical industry and brought to market.

According to the survey by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), an American industry organization, 43% of consumers prefer dietary supplements to improve their health. Jeff Crowther, CEO of the Health Products Association – China also stated that with the long history of development, the United States has the largest and most developed dietary supplement market in the world, with more than 30,000 food supplement stores in the United States

According to statistics, the total size of from China food supplements market reached 231.7 billion RMB from May 2021, becoming the second largest food supplement market in the world. Functional dietary supplements are entering the phase of development at high speed worldwide; the appearance of various functional brands of new type opened the new world situation of “health regime”.



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