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Nanette Melkonian is Port Washington’s top first pick on this year’s Board of Education nominees list.

I am a working mom, mother of an upcoming elementary and middle school student, and educator, and I would like to share my reasons for fully supporting Melkonian in this race.

Nanette’s expertise is vast and long-standing. She has been a committed mother in the district since 2000 and will be getting her third child from our schools in June.

I see it as a boon: Nanette can advocate for both the current parent population and the non-parent population of Port Washington. She also knows what our graduates need once they leave our district, and the tools needed to be competitive after wearing. As an elementary parent, I appreciate and appreciate this long term view.

Drawing on her experience as a primary educator in public schools and a special education teacher at the elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels, Nanette understands that every child in our district has needs and that no child should be considered peripheral.

As a single parent of two children with very different needs (ranging from a unit group 504 to PEP), I have no doubts that Nanette will fight for children covering all types of needs and background, from kindergarten in grade 12.

Many people know Nanette as one of the co-founders of Port Washington Advocates for Public Education and, on several occasions over the past few years, she has been involved with the Parent Resource Center, Parents Council, Guggenheim HSA, Parent Education Committee, and the compact committees of Guggenheim and Weber.

She is in her third year as co-chair of AGATE (Advocacy for the Education of the Gifted and Talented) and is currently a member of the District Vision and Mission Committee.

In short, Nanette has a long history of deep engagement and advocacy in our community, one that promises to not falter after the pandemic.

She supported work on diversity and inclusion before it became a slogan. She understands that the trouble spots in our district did not start with COVID, but that the pandemic has simply made visible the deep cracks of inequity and dysfunction that have been around for some time. She knows this because she has been working hard to fight them for many years now.

Nanette’s voice might not be the loudest voice in the room, but hers is the loudest and wisest. She listens, learns and thinks deeply about each situation before giving her opinion or solution.

She won’t say yes because it’s popular and she won’t say no because that’s how it’s been done in the past. This is the kind of attention and commitment our school district desperately needs right now.

In our current race, alongside Nanette, we have three insiders and three outsiders running for the Board of Education.

Nanette does not fall perfectly in either camp. She’s the only candidate brave enough to stand on her own, and I respect her tremendously for that. Nanette understands the establishment and how to navigate it, but is not indebted to it.

She is an agent of change, not just for the change itself, but because she has organized a deep and lasting mission over the many years that she has worked as an activist in our district. This mission: an excellent education for all.

Please join me in proudly voting Nanette Melkonian as a member of the Port Washington Education Council on Tuesday, May 18, 2021.

Kelly mcmaster

Port Washington


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