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Living a long, healthy and vibrant life is an essentially universal goal. Taking concrete, daily steps now, like prioritizing active recreation, can help us be stronger, mentally clearer, and more independent in the long run. Access to quality public parks, trails and other amenities that encourage greater activity is easier for some than for others; the zip code, where we live, can inform our health as much as the genetic code: During Tuesday, February 8, Mid-Budget Presentation year, County Supervisor Jessica Pyska announced actions to make healthier living more accessible in District 5.

Pyska is dedicating $25,000 in cannabis tax funds to the Friends of Boggs and Redwood Trail Alliance, launching a $100,000 “Bring Back Boggs” fundraising campaign to rebuild trails in the Boggs Forest.

“The Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest has long been a premier mountain biking destination,” notes Pyska. “Two major races in May will bring together several thousand people, for the first time since before the Valley Fire! Bringing Boggs back means a healthier, more economically vibrant Lake County. My family and I are in Boggs every week to hike, bike and explore!”

Debbie St. Cyr, Executive Director of Redwood Trails Alliance, appreciates Pyska’s work in motivating support that goes beyond financial contributions: “She showed up with her family to get dirty and dig trails in our well-kept forest. -loved!

“Please join me in thanking Debbie, Redwood Trails Alliance and the Friends of Boggs Mountain for their commitment to trail recovery,” encourages Pyska. “We wouldn’t be here without their hard work and dedication!”

Follow @TrailsAlliance ( and @FOBMCA ( to find out what you can do to help bring Boggs back!

Pathways to Creating a “Blue Zone” in Lake County

On December 14, 2021, the Lake County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution supporting the Blue Zones Lake County Project, which is a “community-wide, evidence-based” effort to “improve the health and well-being” and “[make] healthier choices easier for everyone.,%2C%20work%2C%20play%20and%20worship.

“Better trail access is one facet of promoting this philosophy throughout Lake County,” Pyska says.

“People are more likely to form a habit of exercising when activities and amenities are accessible in their own area,” says Jamey Gill, executive director of Blue Zones Project Lake County. “Positive social connections also strengthen our ability to make healthy choices, boost our sense of well-being, and even reduce rates of chronic disease. Getting involved in initiatives such as “Bring Back Boggs”, and staying regularly active and engaged with others not only brings economic benefits and workplace productivity to communities, it can help you live longer and enjoy better quality of life!”

Promoting well-being by reducing the risk of forest fires

“In California,” says Pyska, “doing everything we can to limit the risk of large-scale wildfires is critical to our well-being. That’s why I also plan to dedicate cannabis funding during of this exercise in support of the Northshore Fire Fund. Chief Mike Ciancio and his team use proven vegetation and wildfire management techniques to protect the communities they serve. We are currently in talks to partner in order to bring these fuel teams and practices to District 5, and hope to announce a deal soon.

With Lake County currently in the midst of another dry winter, being proactive in mitigating wildfire risk can mean fewer days of smoke-caused air quality issues this summer and fall.

“My fellow board members and I want to see every Lake County resident have the opportunity to maximize their potential,” Pyska emphasizes. “Doing what we can to support a healthy environment and access to amenities that support more active lifestyle choices in every community is essential, and I’m thrilled to be able to support these steps to achieve this vision!”

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