Prime Relocation and Retail – Regatta Hotel, Toowong


A development application has been submitted for a restaurant and the relocation of the existing First Choice liquor market building which was damaged beyond repair by Brisbane floods in 2022. The proposal will provide an area for future development behind the Regatta Hotel existing, located at 551 Coronation Drive, 8 and 10 Landsborough Terrace and 14, 18 and 20 Sylvan Road, Toowong.

Conceived by Buchan Group, the proposal aims to provide a one-story First Choice liquor store to the western boundary of the site and a one-story building along Sylvan Road to accommodate retail, food and beverage rentals along the Silvan Road. Additional parking will be provided on the first floor of the new buildings and the reconfiguration of the existing parking area.

Demolition plan

The existing shed, structures, liquor store and parking lot will be demolished to facilitate the proposed redevelopment while retaining the existing Regettal Hotel and Boat Club restaurant with no proposed works. The removal of the large liquor store provides an additional opportunity for vehicle access across the block between an area set aside for future development and the Regatta Hotel and Boat Club restaurant.

First floor
Ground floor

Development details
– Demolition of the rear hangar building and the car park shade structure
– Demolition of the rear building of the First Choice liquor market
– Demolition works of the existing car park and landscaping
– Proposed liquor store (1,130 m²)
– Food and drinks offered (225 m²)
– New landscaping
– Realignment of the parking lot
– 32 additional car parks

The planners of Urbis say: ‘Following the Brisbane floods in 2022, damage to the building meant that the existing premium liquor was no longer fit for purpose, leaving the option of demolishing and rebuilding on the same site or to look for another location. The existing First Choice Liquor building is below flood planning level making renovation impossible.”

“This impact on the site has given rise to this proposal, involving the relocation of First Choice liquor to lots currently occupied by warehouse-type uses, which will be redeveloped for the proposed uses of the land for the shop and outlet. sale of food and beverages. This will subsequently entail the demolition of the existing building for First Choice Liquor, providing additional parking and landscaping opportunities for the entire site, in
in addition to rooftop parking associated with the proposed new building. »

“Following the demolition and relocation of First Choice Liquor, redevelopment to further improve the potential outcome of the site is possible, with the car park moved to Landsborough Terrace allowing Sylvan Road to be adapted as the main frontage. in turn, allows for more sympathetic and proportionate development potential to reflect the importance of the Regatta Hotel as a heritage site.

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Application information and references
– Filing date: April 6, 2022
– Council reference: A005984811
– Address: 551 Coronation Drive, 8 and 10 Landsborough Terrace and 14, 18 and 20 Sylvan Road, Toowong
– Zone: mixed-use zone (central frame)
– Neighborhood map: Toowong – Auchenflower
– Candidacy report: Urbis
– Design drawings: Buchan Group
– Landscape drawings: Urbis
– Interactive image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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