Not Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper was Green Lantern’s first choice, the latter even revealed to have copied Batman during the audition


Green Lantern had Bradley Cooper, Jared Leto and more in the running ahead of Ryan Reynolds (Photo credit: Imdb / wikimedia)

Everything that happened with Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds back then was heartbreaking and it’s a nightmare the Deadpool actor can never stop criticizing in his sarcastic digs. While it took her a decade to try and see the movie, the poor reception at the box office changes a lot of things in the DCEU, even its tone that would only be darker. But did you know Ryan wasn’t the first choice and Bradley Cooper almost landed the role?

Well yeah. Any film made on a Green Lantern scale had to go through a rigorous casting process. The film revolves around Hal Jordan, a character so brutal and unaffected, that Reynolds wore him like his second skin. But he was certainly not the first to be considered. Once Bradley Cooper opened up about his audition process, it turned out even Jared Leto was in the running. Read on to find out all you should about the same and also what Cooper had to say.

According to a report in Screenrant, the creators of Green Lantern first watched actors ranging from Bradley Cooper to Justin Timberlake to Jared Leto, before Ryan Reynolds stepped into the ring and reprized the role at home. Bradley, in one of his interviews, spoke of copying Batman during the audition to play Hal and fell flat in front of the cast crew.

Bradley Cooper said: “I couldn’t help but do Christian Bale’s Batman when I was auditioning… I put on a mask and the director said, ‘Okay, Bradley, be regular and talk. And I was like, ‘Yeah, I got it …’ before collapsing into a gritty grater. After watching his audition clip, he realized he had blown it up: “I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t understand that! “

However, it wasn’t a huge loss for the Star Is Born actor, as the film bombed a lot at the box office. Even Ryan Reynolds’ career needed a resurrection with Deadpool to bounce back. Do you think Cooper playing Hal Jordan would have made a difference? Tell us in the comments section below.

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