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Make Sabah products the first choice; carry a special logo

Published on: Monday 07 February 2022

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Hajiji (right) accompanied by Dr. Joachim (center) visiting stalls selling products made by Sabah.

THE state government will always be committed and will continue to work hand in hand with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to ensure that the manufacturing sector continues to operate in a safe and conducive environment. Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Industrial Development (MID), Datuk Dr Joachim Gunsalam said that by ensuring that Sabah remains a preferred investment destination, his ministry will continue to work to attract investors from outside to invest in Sabah and boost the manufacturing industry to generate more jobs for the locals. He gave the assurance at the launch of the Buy Sabah Made Products campaign in Ranau here on January 27, which was chaired by Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Haji Noor.

The Buy Sabah Made Products Campaign aims to instill a spirit of patriotism and pride among the people of Sabah towards locally produced products, which are comparable to imported products. Dr Joachim said the campaign could also help SME entrepreneurs increase their turnover and create jobs. “If all Sabahans support this initiative by increasing the purchase of local products, this will of course boost our national economy and at the same time increase the gross domestic product (GDP) of the state,” he said. . The campaign is one of the initiatives of his ministry’s Sabah Maju Jaya (SMJ) development plan to help SME entrepreneurs, manufacturers as well as products made in Sabah itself. According to him, various interesting and informative activities were also organized during the campaign, including SME entrepreneur sales carnival, business matchmaking, outreach program and the opening of four other Sabah SME centers. in Tuaran, Keningau, Kota Marudu and Tawau districts this year. . To achieve the goals of this campaign, he said, the ministry has organized 17 programs to be implemented throughout this year. These include expanding the market for SME products from Sabah to supermarkets in Peninsular Malaysia through collaboration with Segi Fresh Supermarket and GM Klang Wholesale City. “In this program, certain products selected for SMEs will be marketed to

supermarkets and further promoted overseas. This program can help increase Sabah’s export earnings and revitalize the transport sector. “In addition to this, several exhibitions are also planned to increase the turnover of SME entrepreneurs. Among the locations that have been identified are Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA), major supermarkets in Kota Kinabalu and some major districts,” he said. Along with this campaign, he said, the ministry has taken the initiative to create a logo called “Authentic Sabah” which will be used on all products made in Sabah. This logo will be in the form of a hologram and will be distributed to all MID-registered entrepreneurs, including companies that have entered the export market. Among the conditions set for the use of this logo are that the product must be manufactured in Sabah; enter local or foreign markets and meet the packaging standards set by the supermarket. “In this way, the ministry can reduce the problem of dumping of products that use the identity of Sabah products but are processed or manufactured outside of Sabah,” said Dr Joachim, who is also a member of the Assembly of Sabah. Kundasang. The MID also enters into strategic partnerships with several relevant ministries and agencies to set up committees to create campaign slogans, songs and video clips. “The ministry has collaborated with Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association (KDCA) to appoint 2021 Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan Champion Maya Hejnowska as Sabah SME Product Ambassador,” he said.


The campaign song titled “Mantap Bah Ini Gaman”, whose title is taken from the campaign slogan “Buy products made in Sabah, Mantap Bah Ini Gaman” and was created by a local composer, was also performed for the first time during launch. “Safe Food Industry Responsibility (MeSTI) and Halal certification is one of the conditions set before a product can be exported from Sabah. “According to statistics released by the Islamic Religious Affairs Department of Sabah (JHEAINS) in 2019, only around 250 businesses or services have Halal certification. This amount is too low compared to the number of SME products in the market and the number of exports cannot be increased due to certification issues,” he said. Dr Joachim also urged entrepreneur associations to be able to guide existing entrepreneurs and educate them to ensure their products are MeSTI and Halal certified. He said the ministry would also seek additional allocation from the state government to help ease the burden on SME entrepreneurs in the process of obtaining MeSTI and Halal certification.
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