Kunal Basu’s new book “In An Ideal World” to be released in 2022


Famous writer Kunal Basu’s new novel “In an Ideal World” is slated for release in early 2022, publisher Penguin Random House India recently announced.

A literary novel, “In an Ideal World” explores a variety of themes such as family, university politics and fanaticism. “The story revolves around the disappearance of a member of the Liberal Party from a college in Manhar, who has been missing for months. The main suspect in this kidnapping is the leader of the nationalist group from the same college. Thus begins the mission of the suspect’s parents, who find themselves caught between rumors, religions and riots, as they try to discover this mysterious disappearance and to absolve the son they have raised and in whom they believe. This investigation leads to surprising results, ”according to a press release.

The author is best known for his short story “The Japanese Woman”, which is also adapted in a film of the same title. Commenting on his new novel, Basu said, “I am deeply happy that Penguin Random House is the keeper of my new novel on a fractured earth with a fractured heart.”

Some of Bsu’s other works include “The Opium Clerk”, “The Miniaturist”, “Racists”, “The Yellow Emperor’s Cure” and “Sarojini’s Mother” among others.

Kunal Basu’s ‘In An Ideal World‘ will be released under the Penguin’s Viking brand early next year.


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