It’s still Sunny’s first choice for Frank Reynolds (before Danny DeVito)


Danny DeVito’s Frank Reynolds became a big part of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in season 2, but here’s the actor originally tied to the role.

Danny DeVito’s Frank Reynolds has become an important part of Philadelphia is always sunny as of Season 2, but here’s who was originally in line for the role. Philadelphia is always sunny has been running since 2005 and is a black sitcom that follows the life of the Paddy’s Pub gang. Season 1 introduced Dennis, his twin sister Dee, and their friends Mac and Charlie, all of whom were horrible, selfish, and amoral losers in their own way. As the show quickly found an audience, it was the introduction of Danny DeVito during Philadelphia is always sunny second season which really saw him gain popularity.


by Danny DeVito Philadelphia is always sunny Frank Reynolds’ character is such an important part of the whole thing that it’s hard to imagine the show without him now. FX was actually about to cancel Philadelphia is always sunny after Season 1 since the ratings were pretty lukewarm. However, the network liked the sitcom and its budget was so low that they thought it was worth risking a second season to see if it could still catch on.

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Surprisingly, Philadelphia is always sunny Actors and showrunners Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney were initially against the idea of ​​adding a major star. Given that the ultimatum was to either add star power or be canceled, they eventually approached Danny DeVito, and the rest is television history. While developing Philadelphia is always sunny season 2, they had already considered adding Dennis and Dee’s “father”, but they had Freedmen‘ star Ray Liotta in mind.

Goodfellas Henry Hill Ray Liotta

Based on episode 7 of The Always Sunny PodcastHowerton states that “We got real serious about Ray Liottawhile developing the character. Liotta is best known for playing more intense characters, although he has appeared in several comedies over the years such as heartbreakers or that of Adam Sandler hubie halloween. Based on his previous work, it is likely that he would have had a more direct view of Philadelphia is always sunny Frank as Danny DeVito.

DeVito also stayed with Philadelphia is always sunny since the second season, but perhaps Liotta didn’t want to make such a big commitment. Still, it’s pretty fascinating to imagine what a Ray Liotta Frank Reynolds looked like, and if Philadelphia is always sunny would have become the beloved show that it eventually became. While Ray Liotta largely avoided working in television when Philadelphia is always sunny – which is on season 15 – started, in the years since he had roles in many series like the crime drama shades of blue.

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