I learned that I was not my husband’s first choice and that the wife he might love is moving to town, but that’s not the worst


A wife is heartbroken after finding out that she is not necessarily her husband’s first choice.

She said her marriage was amazing, but she feels the discovery – and what she learned afterwards – changed everything.


Wife is devastated after discovering husband’s college friend is more than just a friendCredit: Getty
She found out the details of their relationship when she overheard her husband's family talk about it


She found out the details of their relationship when she overheard her husband’s family talk about itCredit: Getty

“My husband is so good to me and he makes me feel so loved and appreciated. And I love her so much, ”the woman began in her anonymous Reddit post.

“But everything changed last Monday.”

She explained that she was at her sister-in-law’s shower and overheard a conversation between the expectant mother, her best friend and her stepmom.

“The friend said she loved me very much and my sister-in-law said she was happy [my husband] let M go and settled in with me and she never thought that would happen, ”she revealed.

The wife added that she knew who M was but believed she was just a friend of her husband who had moved to another city after college.

M did not attend the wedding of her and her husband, which she initially attributed to being so far away.

So the upset wife came home with nothing else in mind and decided to look into her husband’s iPad when he went to work.

It was then that she discovered all of her husband and M’s messages years before they met and even as recently as a few weeks before he was spied on.

She discovered several affectionate texts, including one from her husband to M telling her that he “would never love someone like her”.

“One of M’s texts just before our wedding explained how she knew she would end up with him eventually,” the woman continued, adding that M had mentioned that he could still get a divorce.

The husband replied, “You only want me when I’m not available,” which was the last message he sent to M until she came back into his life a few weeks before the baby shower. step sister.

M told the husband that she was going back to town and that she would like to meet.

The husband agreed, but M suggested she had more on her mind than two friends making up for it.

In a super flirtatious message to the husband, she wrote: “If [your wife] knew what i wanna do to you she [would] to worry.”

The husband told her to “stop teasing” and the conversation ended shortly after.

The husband’s devastated wife now feels in conflict.

“One moment I want to pretend I have no idea and wait for him to leave me, the next I want to run away and never come back,” she concluded.

Other Reddit users criticized the husband and his friend and advised the wife to get out while she could.

“Life is short on this floating rock. Be with someone who loves and fully defends you, even if it’s you, ”one person wrote.

“You don’t have to stay. You will find happiness. Save time and all the extra heartache, ”commented a second user.

Several others have warned her that her husband seems to be cheating on her emotionally and that it could turn physical.

Sadly, this woman isn’t the only one who feels her marriage started under false pretenses.

Another woman shared on Reddit that she found out that her current husband only asked her out to get revenge on her cousin who supposedly loved her.

As in the case mentioned above, the internet was on this woman’s side.

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Wife Thinks Husband Will End Up Leaving Her For This College GirlfriendCredit: Getty
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