George Pickens thinks Oregon should have been Bo Nix’s first choice


It seemed like Bo Nix and Auburn football were a match made in heaven.

Auburn desperately needed a point guard quarterback, and Bo Nix fit the bill. Not only was he a five-star rookie, but he is the son of former Auburn quarterback Patrick Nix. Even better, his skills seemed to be a perfect match for what Gus Malzahn wanted in a quarterback.

However, the pairing never worked as expected. Malzahn was fired after Nix’s second season and after a disappointing season under Bryan Harsin, Nix is ​​now a Oregon duck.

That decision came at the NFL Combine and the former Georgia wide receiver George Pickens shared his thoughts on the form of Nix to Oregon.

“Bo Nix is ​​actually a great quarterback to be honest. He could be here right now. People at Oregon, I think they should get the best out of him. He already has a good engine, he has a good mindset. The way he really carries himself privately, and I feel like Oregon should have been the first choice for him.

The last sentence is by far the most interesting part, so let’s take a look at all the reasons Nix and Auburn have since offered.

  • As mentioned above, his father was a starting quarterback at Auburn and Nix grew up a huge Auburn fan. His mother is also an Auburn graduate.

  • Nix played high school football in Scottsboro and Pinson Valley Alabama and was unstoppable. He had 161 total touchdowns, threw for 10,393 yards, and won two state championships, including the second at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

  • Nix was the No. 1 dual-threat quarterback in the 2019 recruiting class and his mobility made him an ideal candidate for Malzahn’s system. Which is at his best with a quarterback who can beat you with his legs and his arms.

  • While virtually every school wanted Nix out of high school, Oregon never offered him a scholarship.

  • Oregon now has a whole new coaching staff compared to when Nix graduated from high school. His new offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham was actually at Auburn for Nix’s freshman season.

Nix and Auburn may not have won as much as they hoped, but he was still a three-year-old starter who threw for 7,251 yards and 39 touchdowns with 16 interceptions.

Yes, Nix leaving Auburn made sense, but it made even more sense for Nix to start his career at Auburn.


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