Documentary aims to save Wolf Lake

The ancient red pine forest of Wolf Lake is a rich yet fragile ecological gem.

The Friends of Temagami group is stepping up efforts to save Wolf Lake, north of North Bay.

A short documentary titled Save Wolf Lake will be released on March 11 at 7:30 p.m. on FaceBook, YouTube and Twitter.

“In this short documentary, travel with adventurers, scientists, historians and environmental activists seeking to protect Wolf Lake, the largest known old-growth red pine forest in North America,” a press release read.

A panel discussion on past, present and future issues in Wolf Lake will follow the film.

Chris Mayne from North Bay recently won a photo contest on Wolf Lake.

“It’s a nearby canoe destination in southern Temagami,” he told Village Media. “It’s just an hour’s drive from North Bay and it’s very scenic with old pine trees and large quartzite cliffs. It is a wonderful place to canoe for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. The clear waters of Wolf Lake provide a gateway to some of the most exceptional canoe routes and landscapes in Northern Ontario.

“As part of the Chiniguchi Waterway, Wolf Lake is popular for its backcountry canoe routes and popular recreational activities. People come from all over the world to experience the beauty of towering red pines, cliffs of quartzite and sparkling blue water in this critically endangered ecosystem, ”a press release read.

“The increasing pressures associated with mineral exploration are of concern to many who love Wolf Lake and value this unique and fragile ecosystem.

At one time, ancient red pine forests covered eastern North America. Today, only 1.2% of this ancient forest remains.

The ancient red pine forest of Wolf Lake is a rich yet fragile ecological gem. In 1999, the Ontario government made a commitment to protect Wolf Lake. However, mining concessions and leases have prevented its inclusion in Chiniguchi Waterway Provincial Park and mining exploration activities continue in this fragile ecosystem.

To watch the film, go to Friends of Temagami’s Youtube channel, Facebook page, Or on Twitter. March 11. It will be possible to ask questions in the comments sections of these platforms.

“We are very excited about this event. It has been preparing for nine years! Said PJ Justason, president of the Friends of Temagami.

Save Wolf Lake was directed by Franziska Brand and Sarah Paul of Red Tent Media. The trailer can be seen here.

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