What steps should I follow to refinance my debt?

Having trouble paying off a debt? Is the monthly installments and the current payment schedule a headache? One option is to refinance. Know the steps to do it.

Go to the bank

Go to the bank

The first thing you have to do, before omitting the payment of your debt , is to approach the bank to talk. This is good because it will show the bank that you do not want to fail the contract you have with them and that you are responsible for your payments.

The point to succeed at this time is to have a plan under your sleeve that allows you to understand the bank how you will do to fulfill your responsibilities.

They will evaluate you again

As your personal finances are now in a new condition, the bank will revalue your financial statement . That way they can know whether or not you will be able to pay them if they accept the refinancing.

If they approve you …

If you pass the new evaluation, the bank will make a new schedule of your payments. So the next installment could be within 45 days, after approval. The new schedule can: reduce your monthly payments, which means that it will increase the number of months in which you must pay the total.

When to refinance?

When to refinance?

Most people prefer to refinance their payments when they cannot deal with the current amount or dates. This is not convenient since in the long term you end up paying more to the bank. Ideally, seek to refinance conditions such as the percentage of interest paid for a loan or credit.

Therefore, refinancing is also convenient when you intend to save money. It is clear that financial institutions will resist lowering their interest rates by much, but even less than 1% is a future profit for you. Of course, as long as you keep the amounts and payment terms when refinancing.